If you’ve ever googled “WiFi in Pittsburgh” before (and maybe that’s why you’re reading this), this article’s for you. The modern world has left lots of people looking for spots to use WiFi. Maybe you are not so keen on pairing endless-caffeine-and-nothing-else or going home at 7 pm or bathroom keys with your internet access. Maybe you’re a night owl. Maybe you want and/or need some decadent booze while you write, code, or Photoshop your latest creation; or fill out that form thingy you needed to send to that email address.

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of a few spots in Pittsburgh where one can enjoy WiFi and some boozy cocktails. These are great spots to check out solo or for a meet-up.


Mixtape is not quite a bar, but a “lounge” – there is a chill vibe, comfy seats, and, among other delicacies, fancy cocktails. If you or your companions aren’t so keen on booze; there’s coffee, unique smoothies, mocktails and some tasty food as well. It’s super comfy for getting some computer work done.

ALSO, Mixtape features a late happy hour – 7 to 9 pm on weekdays. Happy hour specials after the sun has gone down in the middle of the summer is a rare bird. Their drinks are pretty unique as well. Free popcorn. Lots of boardgames and 90s vibes.


This spot is a new one.  They’ve been open for like ten months. There’s some fast open wifi, a pool table, and a free jukebox. I would argue wifi usage is going to be best earlier on – this place turns into a party on the weeknights.

Power outlets, not so much. But if you can bring a charged computer, or bring your own portable charger (a game changer, really) Brillo can be the perfect spot for some computing. They have some unique food and even better happy hour specials.

The Abbey

The Abbey feels like an amusement park for freelancers; offering whatever kind of libation and food you are in the mood for – whether it be a simple cup of coffee, a bloody Mary or some wine on tap. And the food – if you are looking for a meal to celebrate your latest achievement or a unique snack mid-afternoon, they’ve got you covered on that end too.