We are well into Capricorn season, which means that these traditionalists have now emerged from their well-curated, meticulous holiday celebrations. If you’ve returned to your job and are diligently working their way into the new year, you should give yourself a break. Sit down, and have a drink. We’ve hand selected the perfect choices for you Capricorns.

The Old Fashioned

The old fashioned has a lot going for it when it comes to Capricorns. It’s straightforward: at its core it’s simply seasoned and sweetened whiskey. But its staying power comes from quality and tradition, making it the perfect drink for your Capricorn friends. However, despite its simplicity, different bartenders or establishments have different takes on the old fashioned. A Capricorn is bound to be impressed by the extra work put into making something special.

The most straightforward old fashioned recipe can be found here.

Spiked Eggnog

It may seem like the holiday season has passed, but the cold still lays ahead here in Pennsylvania. With that in mind, we’re suggesting a drink that screams “family tradition.” Capricorns value hard work and tradition, and they tend to keep loved ones around who value those same things. Often the leader of the family, the Capricorn will be the one gathering folks around and pouring out whatever holiday cheer has been dictated by the years before.

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The 1691

Stay with me, but this cocktail has goat cheese. The 1961 originates from Worship Street Whistling Shop in London, where the menu is based around the basic elements and the signs of the zodiac. This particular cocktail features the cheese of Capricorn’s special animal: the goat. Fear not, as the cheese does not override the raspberry flavor. The other elements that go into the 1691 (egg whites, lemon juice, Mead Grand Marnier, peychaud bitters) may seem a bit fancy for our traditional goat friends, but a true Capricorn can appreciate the hard work and craftsmanship that goes into a complex cocktail such as this. If you are stateside, you obviously can’t easily travel to the Worship Street Whistling Shop, but if you’re a determined Capricorn, you can make it work.

All you need to know about the 1961 can be found here.

Whatever’s On Tap

At their core, Capricorns are no frills. If you’re out for a drink, the most practical thing to get is a beer. Nothing fancy… just a traditional brew among loyal friends. Because for all of their business, boundary-setting, and occasional stubbornness, the Capricorn is a loyal friend to those he deems close. Their tastes honestly don’t have a lot of variations, but something that lends itself to an intimate setting is nice for anyone – even the straightforward Capricorn.