We are well into Sagittarius season, the part of the calendar allotted for the curious adventurers. Said to be the happiest of the zodiac signs, Sagittarians are known for their enthusiasm and humor. Below are some drink suggestions for the folks whose zest for life and idealism are not dissuaded by the cold.


The gregarious Sagittarian can be a bit of the party animal – he loves to entertain. A simple crowd pleaser like sangria is the perfect choice. Great for a cookout, brunch, or a dinner for two, this drink is both fun and versatile – just like a Sagittarius. Sagittarians are idealists, and often believe that the universe will provide whatever they need for them. Sangria has a couple different options for preparation. Don’t have one red? Use another. Don’t have rum? Use brandy. It’s a complex drink, but minimal when it comes to ingredient requirements. Simple to make, sangria has the air of a party punch, and as such, is perfect for a social butterfly.
Recipe here.

Jupiter Martini

Jupiter is ruling planet for Sagittarius. The largest planet in the universe, and in astrology it is seen as the “planet of plenty.” The Jupiter martini has a gin martini base, but also features Parfait Amour and fresh orange juice. The Parfait Amour is a floral liqueur, perfect for the outdoorsy Sagittarian. The Parfait Amour matches well with the orange juice and smooths out the finish of this unique drink.
Recipe here.

Canned Wine

Sagittarians are the travelers of the zodiac. Like the other fire signs, they need to be constantly in touch with the world, exploring and having new experiences. Not wanting to be bogged down with extra details, a Sagittarius needs something simple they can take on a camping trip and share with friends. Fortunately, the world of portable alcohol technology is one step ahead of this issue with canned wine. A well-prepared Sagittarius should also outfit himself with a dependable flask for travel needs. Make sure that you don’t forget the travel snacks!

Imbibe’s canned wine rundown can be found here.
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Cranberry Mule

The perfect cocktail for the winter weather that falls in Sagittarius season, the cranberry mule is a holiday twist on the Moscow mule. Typically made with vodka and ginger beer, you can try gin or tequila in this mix. Adding cranberry juice and cranberries for garnish, the cranberry mule is good for any occasion with autumnal vibes. Always ready to embrace change, Sagittarians will appreciate a new adaptation of a classic cocktail, right as the seasons are changing as well.
Recipe here.

Old Fashioned

It’s time acknowledge a weakness of the Sagittarius. Passionate and expressive, Sagittarians sometimes lack a filter. Combining this openness with alcohol can cause loose lips and a situation where a Sagittarius may become blunt or impatient. Occasions like these call for something you can sip slowly and appreciate without letting all of your tact disappear. An old fashioned is the perfect choice. These cocktails vary from bar to bar, and if anyone can appreciate variances among drinks, it’s a Sagittarius. Really any straight up, fine whiskey will benefit from taking a moment to let its complexities unfold. If you find yourself in this situation, treat yourself to something pricier – you’ll be more likely to savor your drink and less likely to down it quickly.
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It’s cold and dark out, and while it’s hard, you should try and jump into this season head first and with enthusiasm. When the winter is getting you down, try your best to embrace your inner Sagittarius, and make sure your glass is half full.