Cocktails for Scorpio Season: October 23-November 21.

As we celebrate Halloween and move towards Thanksgiving, we enter the passionate season of Scorpio. Whether your birthday falls within these months or you’re just feeling the strong will of the season, here is a collection of cocktails that will suit even the most selective Scorpios.

The Red and Black

The Red and Black boasts a spiced black pepper syrup.

Let’s start by keeping a little summer in your Scorpio season. The Red and Black may seem like an overly sweet choice for such a strong sign, but these colors are associated with the Scorpio for their boldness. This fruity tequila drink is perfectly spiced – including simple syrup infused with black pepper – emphasizing a personality that is both a loyal friend, but also a shrewd, assertive professional.

Recipe here.

Bloody Mary

Scorpio is a water sign, and it’s a pretty severe one. Scorpios can show a calm exterior like a pond, but beneath have an aggressive current like a river. A Bloody Mary sports the telltale red Scorpio color, and while it may seem like a basic tomato drink, it can pack a powerful punch with the right seasoning. Don’t be fooled by the celery garnish – there’s tabasco sauce in there.  

Recipe here.

The Executive

Kick back after a long work day – you deserve it.

One of the Scorpio’s very best traits is that they are excellent leaders. They are hardworking, deft managers, and after a day of work, they deserve to kick back with a distinguished cocktail like The Executive. Combining the sweet with the bitter, this whiskey drink is stirred with Campari and vanilla liqueur, strained, and topped with citrus. It’s a perfect blend for resourceful, trustworthy problem solvers.

Recipe here.


Scorpios are passionate, for better or for worse. They are dedicated, brave friends, but they can be aggressive or jealous. The stormy name of this drink captures what could be potentially volatile, and the passion fruit juice pairs nicely with one of Scorpio’s most infamous traits.

Passionate drink for a passionate Scorpio.

Recipe here.

Black or White Russian

Scorpios are determined, all or nothing personalities. Once they set their minds to something, there is no going back. In a Scorpio cocktail, you can choose: black or white. The base for both white Russians and black Russians is the coffee liqueur. You can choose to make the cocktail the way your choose to make your coffee in the morning – black and bitter or diluted and sweet. Either way, go all in – a Scorpio’s drive makes him competitive in his career and loyal in friendships, but he never mixes those two arenas.

Pick your poison.

Recipe here.

Regardless of your choice in drink, make it well. The stubbornness of a Scorpio makes him decisive. Whether he is solving or creating, the Scorpio has a keen focus – pick your ingredients precisely and drink up!