While the holidays may have passed, the cold still lies ahead. Don’t let the bad weather harsh your cocktail game: There are tons of options for cozy warm cocktails, most of which are twists on old classics. Below are our favorite hot concoctions – some fancy and some simple – to keep you warm in the days ahead.

Hot Toddy

Your base hot toddy is simple: whiskey or another liquor, combined with water, and often sweetened or spiced. It’s the basic entry point for hot, winter cocktails. While the classic additions to hot toddies are honey or syrup, the simplicity of this drink lends itself to endless customization. See some of the more creative options for your winter toddies below.

Mulled and Spiced Drinks

Traditionally, the spiced alcoholic drink was known as “Glogg,” and it was originally consumed by messengers traveling in the cold weather in Scandinavia. Mulled wine dates back to early Rome and Medieval England, but the variations on this drink type range the world over. Wine and cider are the simplest drinks to spice on a cold winter’s night, but below you’ll find that you can branch out however you please when it comes to base drinks and flavors.

Adult Hot Chocolate

A classic for children after a romp in the snow, hot chocolate can be a delicious treat for adults as well. Many of the below recipes are perfect for a boozy dessert at the end of a dinner party. It turns out cocoa is a versatile ingredient in a cocktail, and can serve as the perfect comfort food on a winter’s evening.

Coffee Cocktails

We all know of the Irish coffee, and anyone can sweeten their morning drink with Bailey’s or Kahlua. It’s hard to mess up an alcohol/coffee combo. Nonetheless, there are some specialty recipes that might hit the spot for a snowy evening occasion.  

Buttered Everything

Anything can be improved with butter – particularly, as it turns out, rum and whiskey. A staple of comfort foods, hot, sweetened butter compliments a warm cocktail perfectly. The below drinks offer flavor, creaminess, and a warm boozy feeling inside.