Ready or not, here spring comes. The first sign of the Zodiac, Aries season is here to assert itself, and no amount of allergy medication can keep the new beginnings at bay. Below we’ve compiled a selection of aggressive cocktails for the fiery Aries in your life.

The Commander-in-Chief

Aries have a head for leadership, and if necessary, they are ready to take action and help others. The Commander-in-Chief goes perfectly with this theme. With bitters and passion fruit juice mixed in, this cocktail strongly features Irish whiskey. It’s a perfect drink to knock back after a long day of executive decision-making.


The Backdraft

Some of the most extreme behaviors of the Zodiac belong to the passionate Aries. This sign is the perfect excuse to try flamboyant novelty drinks that utilize flame.

via David Hegarty

I recommend the Backdraft – a shot combining fire and ice. This one has a lot of moving parts – different liqueurs, alcohol vapor, cinnamon – but Aries are great multitaskers. If you’re too intimidated to do this shot, the Aries in your life is here to do it for you. For the risk-takers among us, Matador Network has a list of nine more flaming cocktails to try right here.

The Suffering Bastard

Do not mistake the name here for that of a sad sack drink. The Suffering Bastard is a product of war and innovation. Invented by Jewish Egyptian bartender Joe Scialom, this drink became a wartime favorite during World War II.

Wartime soldiers were stuck drinking poor quality liquor, leading to rough next day hangovers. The Suffering Bastard was Scialom’s solution. Equal parts bourbon, gin, and lime juice, and topped with bitters and ginger beer, the drink became a hit with the British forces. Scialom was a hero for the British officers, shipping gallons to the front lines of El-Alamein. You can read the full story of ambition and creativity – two strong Aries traits – here.

The Brave Bull

In case you’ve not picked up on it yet, Aries is considered the hero of the zodiac – and bravery is the trait that gains him this title. This drink’s title fits perfectly for Aries. Natural born leaders, Aries don’t fear charging full speed ahead with energy. This ambitious drink takes out the sweet cream element of its sister cocktail, the White Russian, and replaces vodka with tequila. The agave flavor complements the coffee of the Kahlua, and the resulting drink is an excellent addition to dinner or dessert. Find the recipe here.

Angry Balls

Just because spring is here doesn’t mean we need to bid adieu to ciders. This recipe pairs angry orchard with Fireball Whiskey, and its title speaks to the temper that can sometimes get the best of an Aries – he can become quickly frustrated if he isn’t given an outlet.

But this simple, potent shooter is the perfect antidote for a bad mood. The crisp, sour apple flavor perfectly compliments the cinnamon whiskey, making this a great drink served hot or cold. Find tips for serving here.

Our Aries friends are known for living in the present. This month, take a cue, and try living mindfully and fearlessly as you take in spring with one of these vibrant cocktails.