The weather is becoming a bit more consistent as we move into the season of this reliable sign. The grounded Taurus will busy himself with cooking, gardening, and other activities suited to an Earth sign. But to all you worker bees: take a break and kick back with one of these cocktails we’ve selected just for you!

White Bull

Image via PUNCH

According to the story of the Taurus constellation, the Greek god Zeus transformed himself into a white bull to carry the princess Europa away to marry. The drink that shares the name of this story is just as ambitious: it mixes gin with wheat beer and adds a flavorful sage syrup. The addition of bitters and lemon juice and an appropriate tartness, appropriate for an uncompromising creature like the bull. View the full recipe for the White Bull here.


Image via Vinepair

Champagne denotes celebration, but the deeper implications of this sparkly drink get to the heart of what makes Tauruses so great. As the most reliable sign of the Zodiac, the Taurus is known to be devoted, stable, and responsible. As the drink of promises and commitments, champagne pairs well with this dependable sign. Wine Folly has a great run down of the top champagnes and fun alternatives. Choose your favorite and drink to your loyal Taurus friends!

She Lei Lei

Image via Tasting Table

Between its ingredients and its green color, this Irish whiskey is the perfect drink for an Earth sign – particularly thanks to the grassy matcha. The matcha flavor is sweetened by cinnamon and sugar syrup, and the drink is tempered with coconut water, making the She-Lei-Lei the perfect mix of whiskey cocktail and natural ingredients. Bevvy has the recipe specifics here.

Watermelon Mojito

Image via Creative Culinary

Watermelon is the perfect flavor for Taurus, whose colors are pink and green, and this particular mojito is the perfect outdoors drink as the weather gets warmer. A Taurus loves beauty, harvesting, and connecting with the Earth. You can even add the mint garnish straight from your garden – a classic Taurus hobby. The Food Network has a great watermelon mojito recipe here.

Tequila Shot

Image via Lord of the Drinks

Taurus is a very tactile sign, reveling in all five senses. So what better drink than a multi-step shot full of different textures and flavors? The hedonistic Taurus will appreciate the salt, citrus, and agave flavors of a tequila shot. Being an Earth sign, they might even appreciate the worm at the end of the night. You can find your basic tequila steps here, via Drizly.